Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DJ Tiesto Concert

I just checked off another thing on my "bucket list" of things to do before I "kick the bucket."  Last night, I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite musical artists in concert, in Managua, Nicaragua nonetheless.  Now, this wouldn't be so surprising until you hear who he is - no, it's not Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, or even Shakira - it was DJ Tiesto, yes, in Nicaragua.  When I found out, I had to check out literally three websites and make a few calls to make sure he was really coming and it wasn't some sort of weird joke.  DJ Tiesto is a Dutch DJ and is one of the most popular DJs in the world, spinning dance/trance/techno/house music until the wee hours in places like Ibiza, Europe, the U.S. and Asia - but he had never before been to Nicaragua.  I was doubtful that Nicaragua would be able to generate the fan base to fill up the concert stadium, but not to worry - the concert was amazing and it was completely sold out.  DJ Tiesto wrote on Twitter that people from Central America "have so much beat in their blood!"

I went with a few friends from Managua and a couple other Peace Corps volunteers.  When he came onstage, the crowd went crazy.  Even one of my supervisors from Peace Corps was there!  We had an amazing night at the outdoor venue enjoying Tiesto's "Kaleidoscope World Tour" until I literally couldn't dance anymore.  I woke up with swollen feet and will probably lose a toenail due to repeatedly being jumped on and stepped on by fellow concert goers. (No hard feelings though, guys!)  I was annoyed that at the entrance, our glowsticks were confiscated with no explanation... I did sneak in some bubbles however.
My college rommate Lexi and I are diehard Tiesto fans and I have fond memories of us senior year at UAF dancing around in our room together with the volume at full blast.  She has been to two previous Tiesto concerts in New York City, and I have long been waiting for my own chance.  Of course, I called her from the concert on my cell phone so she could at least hear him in the background, as she had done for me in NYC.

Below are a few videos and pictures I took that night.  What an amazing way to finish up my time in Nicaragua - such a coincidence!  Just over a month left in Nicaragua, and I'm going out on a sweet note...
My friend Amy and I pre-concert in our amazing Nica jeans
Kat (a fellow Peace Corps volunteer) and I
Loved this guy's shirt - Dutch colors!
There were some painted fake cows at the entrace that said "Holland" "Tiesto" and had tulips painted on them - a mix of Nicaraguan and Dutch culture perhaps?
I was all over the place dancing, and so was my hair...


Cross1008 said...

I also had to do some research before taking this as true. I've been a fan of Tiesto for 8 years and in those 8 years I dreamed of creating a nightclub in Managua and opened with Tiesto, hahahaha it was just a dream and nothing more. Well, when I heard some voices announced the arrival of Tiesto in my Country I made a script to open the official website every 10 minutes, just at the date March 8, 2011, saw the blank page like 300 times, until one afternoon of February 11 saw TIESTO IN MANAGUA .. holy god, my dreams would come true,... were many emotions, I may need to write a note as well, but I appreciate your comment, I also felt a little scary to think that would fill but not ... as Tijs said, there was a lot of energy. I also damaged my foot, I spent a week in my room, but instead of that I have a dream come true.

twitrer: cross1008

Yalicita said...

You should know that the person to blame for the confiscation of your glowsticks is Tiesto himself, he hates glowstick and has banned them from his concerts, a bit of googling and you can confirm.

Ronald Valdez said...

fantastic, I went to that concert Pot in Nicaragua, I like your photos and videos, brings back memories of that night, greetings