Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coldplay concert on Halloween!

I've had two "life goals" in terms of concerts: Shakira and Colplay. I had the chance to see Shakira last year in Spain in Granada. Despite not having slept the 24 hours prior to the concert, it was amazing- in an outdoor bull-ring, with back-up bellydancers and everything. And last night (Halloween '08) I got to see COLDPLAY in concert here in D.C.!!! I bought the ticket this past summer in Alaska when I saw them go on sale- there was no way I was going to miss this concert- despite not having anyone to go with me :)

I dressed up as a black cat this year (I know, lame, but also really easy to do) and celebrated with 15,000 of my closest friends at the Verizon Center here in D.C. Afterwards I hung out with my friends- Amy was a spider and Ellen was the "Indian Ocean"- aka-she wrapped her blue blanket around her, put origami fish all over it, and shells and then put a feather headband on for the "Indian" part :)

The concert was amazing- complete with flourescent confetti, a shout-out to Obama, and huge LCD-screen globes with jack-o-lanterns displayed on them. I danced my little black cat tail off, and made friends with the people sitting around me. Coldplay definetly draws a diverse audience- there was an older Indian couple there, some girls from Saudi Arabia, some couples from Nebraska, and the girls I was sitting with were from Vermont.

I got so upset towards the end of the concert because they still hadn't played "Yellow"- an oldie but goodie from when they first began getting popular. But- not to fear! It was their encore song!!! :)

The metro ride after the concert was less than thrilling though- when thousands of people leave an event at the same time and all try and get on a tiny metro bus, bad things happen.

I saw a lot of funny costumes though- one of the ones I thought was funny was a guy dressed up as Jesus carrying a "W.W.J.D?" sign and a McCain/Palin sign. Another guy was dressed up in all read and had the names of the metro stops pasted on his shirt (Dupont Circle, Cleveland Park, etc.) and he was the "red line" on the metro. haha. I guess it's sort of something you have to experience to get...


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